Fendi Unveils Restored Palace at The Heart of Rome

Fendi has unveiled its newly restored Palazzo Fendi in the heart of Rome. The Italian luxury brand store was restored to woo the richest shoppers of Europe as well as the wealthiest shopper’s across the world. The hotel which also stands as flagship store of Fendi’s offer more than just world class, fashionable products to their loyal and potential new customers but also an adventure of a lifetime.

Fendi is following the strategy of Louis Vuitton, another luxury brand in which they are making the wealthiest shoppers feel even more special by giving them exclusivity. The luxury brand industry is slowing down so it is becoming a challenge for luxury labels to stay on the top. Fendi is looking at Canada and Australia as potential new markets as China’s demand for luxury brands slowed down. They are tapping the online market, targeting Japan and several countries and looking to change the price policy for their products by charging online customers the same price as it does in shops. With Fendi’s tapping the online market and renovation of the palace, they hoped to keep the sales growth of the past years.

The renovation of Fendi palace also hoped to give the wealthiest shoppers more reasons to shop at their stores. The newly refurbished building that took about a year to renovate will include a seven-room hotel and restaurant. So, the building will not only house Fendi’s flagship store but also a “by invitation only” hotel complete with a first class rooftop restaurant.

The hotel’s interior beautifully decorated that anyone who set foot at the palace will wish the hotel is their home or they could stay longer at the shop. So, it is not surprising that the stairwell is magnificently designed. Fendi is a luxury brand, which is why the refurbished building is complete with a unique mix of craftsmanship and luxury materials.

In fact, in one of the seven luxury suites, there is marble shower and bathrooms with Jack and Jill sinks and tub. Everything about the building exudes luxury as Fendi no longer selling just products but also a sense of aesthetic. The Palazzo Fendi palace definitely changing the way people shop as the building setting perfect for new adventure.

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