The Future Luxury Bentley with A Holographic Butler

The British car maker Bentley is envisioning a future luxury vehicle with a hologram butler. The future luxury vehicle is going to be different from other luxury cars. Imagine a car with your man servant in tow to serve your needs wherever you go.

Bentley’s design team, headed by Director of Design Stefan Seielaff is working on the concept that the company thinks should be the future of luxury vehicle. Sielaff who has worked with Volkswagen and Audi interior design for decades and Mercedez-Benz for a short period has been with Bentley since 2015.

The “future luxury vehicle” features state of the art touch screen displays. The LED touch screen display is built into the panels of the luxury vehicle interior. Other design features include sofa-style seat in which the passenger seats faces each other. So, you can conduct a meeting at the comfort of the luxury vehicle.

The concept of virtual butlers is not only a possibility but also the future, according to Seilaff. Occupants will not just be talking to a concealed microphone but would be talking to a butler or a hologram.  The holographic butler would be playing a role similar to Siri’s, a built-in AI or intelligent assistant that speaks the natural language. There is no concrete plan on the Al’s capabilities and obligations, but definitely, it would be offering opinion and recommendation as well as give a human element to a self-driving vehicle. Some people are still wary of autonomous driving but with Bentley’s robot valet, it should ease some of the concern about self-driving brings vehicles. In fact, if the plan for holographic manservant works out and becomes the future, it will prove that Al is smart enough to drive you wherever you want to go.

Bentley’s holographic butler will provide a personalized experience and will set the future luxury machine apart from others, no doubt about it. The digital assistant will further distinguish Bentley vehicle from mass produced vehicles. The plan may seem eerily but it is what vehicles might look years from now and the British carmaker is making it possible.

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