Belvedere Releases Specially Packaged Vodka for Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season gets the best out of designers and there is no dearth of gift ideas. At times, more than the product it is the packaging that is stunningly designed. Wine and spirits are often packaged specially for the season. For Christmas 2011 Belvedere has released a special edition ‘Buche de Belvedere’ Vodka. Even if you have completed your shopping for gifts and the New Year you must look at this special edition vodka. It has been packaged in a specially designed artistic casket. The casket contains one bottle of vodka which is very rare.

The quality of the vodka is enhanced by the casing which has a polished chrome and silver body. The casing has been designed in the shape of a log. Covering the main casing, right on top are birch tree leaves crafted in chrome and silver. The lower end of the case has the branding of the bottle. To give the case the look of a real log both ends have been covered with birch wood. The branding of the vodka has been marked on this wood covering in black.

The inside of the case has been finished in acrylic and very aesthetically designed. The bottle of vodka is placed in the casing like one would a musical instrument. The case has been so designed that it is useful even after you take the bottle out of it. You can store ice in it and pass it around without having to arrange for a separate tray. This is a limited edition release with only 25 exclusive bottles made. This multi distilled and purified vodka in its elegant casing will cost you $335.

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