Superman Comic Owned by Nicolas Cage set to become the Most Expensive Comic

Anything associated with Nicolas Cage, the Hollywood star automatically gains in value. But when the item in question has an exciting history of its own it can become invaluable and then sky is the limit. Nicolas Cage is in the habit of making investment that can be called eccentric. 

He had purchased luxury dinosaur bones, a pyramid tomb and a Superman comic book. Cage had bought the comic book in 1997 for $150,000. The price which looked excessive at the time has finally turned out to be a wise investment.

The comic book is scheduled to go under hammer at an upcoming auction and if estimates are anything to go by it is headed to create the new record of the most expensive comic. One of the reasons for its high valuation is its long suspenseful history. In the year 2000 the comic was stolen from the California home of Nicolas Cage. It could not be located and after eleven years, earlier this year it was found in a San Fernando Valley storage locker. Cage was obviously excited and called it divine providence.

It was perhaps to avoid the recurrence of a theft that Cage has decided to auction the valuable comic. The legendary comic is in a very good condition. The auctioneers have given it a 9/10 grading. A similar comic rated 8.5/10 had fetched $1.5 million to become the most expensive comic but this comic is all set to shatter that record. It is truly one of its kind comic books. It has a celebrity association, it is in pristine condition and the history behind it is as riveting as the comic itself.
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