Ferrari to Recall 458 Italia After Thermal Incidents

In the recent past we have seen several high profile brands having to recall their faulty products. First it was Toyota then it was Apple and now Ferrari has announced that it is recalling its latest super car, the 458 Italia, after several “thermal incidents” in the US as well as Britain, Europe and China. Simply put, the cars have been catching fire. The initial investigation has revealed that the culprit is the glue used to protect the wheel arch from the exhaust pipe. It melts under extreme heat conditions.

Ferrari had started investigating the incidents soon after the incidents were reported. And the recall will pinch one of the most enduring luxury brands on the planet that has now grown beyond cars in to areas like watches, glasses and even bikes. The initial explanation from Ferrari is that the incident happens only under extreme conditions. But then that is what it is supposed to do – perform under extreme conditions.

These are tough times for Ferrari and could get worse in the future. The company has been unable to explain why in less than a year a new model has been involved in six crashes. They have been trying to brush it aside by putting the blame on inexperienced drivers but the media is already calling it the “Ferrari Curse”.
Via: WSJ
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