Covini Unveils the Six Wheeled C6W Super Car at Bologna

We have been waiting over six years for the six wheeled super car. There was a lot of buzz in 2004 about the car when it was decided to give the concept a concrete shape. Over the years enthusiasts had become apprehensive that the car might not see the road after all. But finally the Italian sports car builder Covini Engineering in collaboration with PMT SpA has unveiled the production version of the six-wheeled Covini C6W Supercar at the Racing Professional Motor Show in Bologna.

Tyrell P34 Formula One car of the seventies was the inspiration behind the new Covini. Tyrell was the first F1 development to explore the possibility of having four front wheels. If only a rule change had not come in the way it would have led the world to a new set of engineering solutions.

It was way back in the World Fair in 1963 that a landmark Ford concept car had put forward in detail the rationale of four front wheels. The specifications surprisingly have remained more or less the same even after 50 years or more. The probable date of launch or indications about pricing has yet to come out. The Ferrari price range seems to be the rock bottom for this car. If rumors are to be believed the C6W could cost as much as $400,000.
Via: gizmag
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