Amble The Louis Vuitton iPhone Application

Amble, the iPhone application by Louis Vuitton that was launched in association with Apple has an Amble website and it interacts with the same to allow travelers to plan for and prepare their journeys on their computers or iPads.

Louis Vuitton has always been in the limelight for its success and its global presence as an exceptional and elite luxury brand, and it has recently had several updates and events that have been featured on Facebook as well. Louis Vuitton has created an innovation with the Amble application that can be perceived as a digital travel diary. Amble, has an array of features that makes it easier to plan travel and makes the whole planning process more personal.

Louis Vuitton says “see the world through our eyes” and hence Amble is a way to explore the world at a slower pace so that people can enjoy their exploration. While people experience the world they can record them on their iPhones as a photograph, or in the form of video or audio. 

Each experience that enriches people’s lives can be recorded and incorporated into our permanent memories through the “My Amble” feature. The application uses Louis Vuitton’s City Guides and the addresses from the content are provided free along with Amble. There is also a GPS feature that allows users to find interesting places in their vicinity to explore more of the cities they are visiting.
Via: Ilvoelv
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