The World’s Most Expensive Villa is at Seychelles

If you happen to be fond of beach retreats and are also loaded with cash, then we have just found the right place for you to relax and indulge in oodles of luxury. Nestled in the Indian Ocean and surrounded by beautiful and bountiful waves along with a exotic environ, Seychelles is now home to the world’s most expensive villa. Located at the Desroches Island, a night’s stay at the villa will cost you a whopping €12,000. The villa which opened on the 1st of June, 2012 is the most expensive and luxurious villa in the world. Well, with that price and only for night it sure is one lavish and exorbitant property.

Seychelles has been always been in the news for its tourist friendly nature and the luxury homes that are available in plenty on the island. The island’s easy going and relaxed pace of life and several exotic locations and beaches makes it an ideal tourist spot and a place where one can just unwind and relax whilst enjoying a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Some of the islands that boast of having luxurious properties around are the Eden islands, which are a few hundred metres from Mahe. The Eden islands’ also happens to be the commercial hub and has the best restaurants and places to shop.

Despite, the commercial viability of the Eden Islands, it is this very luxury villa on the Desroches islands that has hogged all the limelight and will soon become the most sought after villa especially amongst the rich and the famous. Desroches Island is rapidly emerging as the most luxurious property in Seychelles believes Renee Leslie, the General Manager at the Island.

The setting up of luxury resorts and spa retreats which cater only to the rich and the famous has elevated the status of the island and have put them in the forefront of luxury real estate in Seychelles. Renee Leslie further states that they have taken care of every little requirement for their guests and have ensured that they get the best of services while holidaying in these islands of tranquillity. The island is also frequented by celebrities and world renowned leaders.

So, what is so special about this place that has easily given it the world’s most expensive title? Let’s have a look.
Seychelles’ Most Expensive Villa

Named the Madame Zabre Spa Retreat, after a beach of the same name on the island, this luxury villa is synonymous with extravagance and opulence. The villa has everything from a huge entertainment deck with ample sun light and three swimming pools which face the guest bedrooms. The villa boasts of a splendid view of the Indian Ocean along with an entertainment section which is known for its expansive size.

Living up to its name of being a spa retreat the villa also has a private spa which comes with a fully trained masseuse. So don’t forget a relaxing and unwinding massage after spending a good deal of time under the sun at the sun deck. The interiors of the villa are also huge and come with a fully equipped kitchen.

Don’t worry about doing things on your own for a well trained staff comprising of a chef and also a butler will look after you and will be at your service during your stay at the Madame Zabre Spa Retreat Madame Zabre Spa Retreat. So, when you are headed to next to these Islands of the Admirals do check in at the world’s most expensive spa retreat!
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