Wild West Auction to Feature Remington Revolver

The items of the auction I am going to talk about will bring back the memories of Wild West for collectors. Wild west collection enthusiasts love the western experience of that period and the Heritage Auctions will auction Remington New Model Army .44 percussion revolver on the 10th of June as a part its Wild West sale. The auction house expects the old Remington revolver to fetch above $200,000 which consists of a note written by Cody to his friends Carrie Trego and Charles.

Cody used the gun for many years for Buffalo killing and Indian wars. He had relied on it so much as it never failed him in his ventures. He had fought in nineteen authenticated battles. He was honored with medal for extraordinary bravery on Indian wars.
The nickname “Buffalo Bill” was earned by William F. Cody who hunted and killed more than 5,000 buffaloes. In his time, authors highlighted the exploits of roaming adventurers and villains with no exception of Buffalo Bill Cody. He was always characterized as a figure looked into the future.

His Wild West show brought him fortune and fame. He was not very sentimental about his possessions except for his two firearms one tool used for buffalo hunting, the other cherished relic Remington revolver which Cody carried with him and used for many years.

Among his contemporary men he was the most renowned American as a professional buffalo hunter, soldier of Civil War, Indian fighter, horseman, actor and many more feathers to his cap. He was an iconic representation of west for Europeans and Americans and was a great success in organizing his Wild West shows.

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