Underwater Nightclub Created for a Film Proves it is Feasible

Concepts are mostly developed by people with a fertile imagination. The latest is the concept of an underwater nightclub. Well, it is not a reality right now but it was actually created for shooting a short film that hopes to be counted amongst well executed virals. 

It was the work of the Thinkmodo team who has done several similar work in the recent times and are considered some kind of specialist for virals. The film was made for TechnoMarine Underwater Watches. The film which was launched recently is interesting and exciting just because of the concept of an underwater nightclub. It features a full-service bar, water darts, a high-tech communications system, and specially engineered cups. It has now become possible to use your phones and cameras underwater if they are covered in airtight shells.
A Nightclub 14 Feet Under Water

The underwater nightclub was created at a military training facility with navy divers acting out the part of guests. The set for the club was built 14 feet under water and it looks so real and feasible that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone seriously starts planning an underwater nightclub. The people in the film are actually enjoying themselves as it is not digitally enhanced. However, most of us would reject the idea as ridiculous. It is already difficult to see and hear in a nightclub and by creating it underwater you would make breathing impossible.

Sea Trek Breathing Helmets

There are solutions available now. You now have breathing helmets from Sea Trek that makes it feasible. The helmets are available commercially. Sub Sea Systems who are behind the development of Sea Trek wanted to create a product that would allow both professionals and amateurs to explore beneath the sea freely. You don’t need to be trained to use Sea Trek breathing helmets. It is very modern and user-friendly. It allows you to really have an enjoyable underwater experience. It is sure to become popular with anything to do under water. If an underwater nightclub ever becomes a reality, you can rest assured that these helmets will play a central role in it. You never know, it might lead to underwater hotels, underwater restaurant and underwater resort.
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