UAE Businessman Buys World’s Most Expensive Car

About a year ago, the Aston Martin Super Sport made waves by becoming the most expensive car in the world. But the previous record for the costliest car in the world was held by the Bugatti 300 Veyron 16.4s, priced at $1.74 million. This year, we have a new claimant to the throne of the world’s costliest car, also from Bugatti. A businessman in the United Arab Emirates has purchased the most expensive car ever for a staggering amount: $2.4 million (Dh8.8 million).

Named the Bugatti L’Or Blanc, this super expensive luxury car has been designed and developed by Bugatti in collaboration with German porcelain manufacturer KPM. Bugatti has already made it to the record books for the fastest car in the world. So the Bugatti L’Or Blanc would simply be another feather in the French car manufacturer’s cap.

Like many of Bugatti’s other high performance models, this luxury car boasts of a smart, sleek streamlined exterior. The outside of this high-end vehicle is white, accented with stripes of royal blue. The reason for teaming up with KPM shows up right away – the fuel caps, oil caps and wheel badges are all made of porcelain. Porcelain is not something one would naturally associate with a car. But as Stefan Brungs, Bugatti’s sales head put it, “Bugatti has made a name for itself by not shying away from extravagant ideas.” The car even comes with, of all things, a porcelain caviar tray.

However, not much is known about the business tycoon who shelled out the $2.4 million for this sleek, super expensive car. Bugatti merely revealed that this ultra-rich buyer already owns some 800 cars.
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