Tod’s Does A Special Mocassins Shoe Line For Pal Ferrari

Next time you spot one of the hottest eye candies around climbing out of that extremely hot Ferrari, we suggest you’d take a look at what his feet are wearing. You bet on it, it will be Tod’s. The Italian shoemakers friendship with the exotic car brand goes way back. So much so that the two are almost synonymous to each other. Now, that could be a possible consequence of the fact that Ferrari’s chairman sits on the board of Tod’s. We are not sure. It’s just speculation.

The companies’ reps tell us that the two kindred spirits have joined hands to create an exclusive line of driving moccasins that car enthusiasts will have a hard time resisting. The Tod’s for Ferrari line consists of three models that go by the names – the Lecetto with laces, Lacetto Tubi GT with tassels and the Mascherina Griglia with a grille of the iconic 250 GTO emblem. The first one comes in colors red and blue while the latter two stick to black and brown suede.

Each pair has insoles ribbed like the seats of a Ferrari sports-car. Trust us, Tod’s has again been loyal to the playboy’s loafers style. The shoes sell for anywhere between 290 and 320 Euros.
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