The Most Expensive House in Miami listed at $60 Million

The glamorous lifestyle of Miami, with its sun and sand can be even more glamorous if you happen to have $60 million. Pegged as the most expensive house in Miami, this beauty somehow managed to escape the eyes of many for a few months. But since a thing of beauty is a joy forever, be it now or a few months back, we are very happy to give you a glimpse into this gorgeous haven. This newly built estate covers over 30,000 square feet of living space spread over two acres of land and has been designed by Rene Gonazalez, whose modernist leanings are amply evident in the clean cuts and sleek design.

This is one of the many jewels of the posh Indian Creek Island in South Florida. Now if you want to know how posh this place really is, then let me just tell you that the area has its own police force and their very own 18 hole golf course. Measuring 3,000 square feet, the master bedroom suite itself is as big as some people’s entire house. The rooftop has a lawn and a Jacuzzi. For your entertainment there is a movie theatre, and to keep yourself in shape the house comes with an area for yoga and a 100 feet swimming pool.

There is also a chromotherapy spa and a massage room for unwinding after walking around in such a massive place. I love how they have incorporated a waterfall and a 2,000 square feet Koi pond with numerous exotic fish, giving the house a very relaxed ambience. The house has a library and separate living area for the staff. There are two kitchens, one is the normal type but made of teak and then there is a full catering one too. And if you are one of those who want everything “green” then this house has a “green” certification too. Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg of Coldwell Banker are the listing agents.
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