Most Expensive Bejewelled Earphones!

Ears have always been your bejewelled part (even if you are a guy). Now you can add to your ears bling quotient with the 18 carat gold, diamond-encrusted earphones! Each earphone, made by top jeweller Casa Gi based in Belgium, is encrusted with 59 of the highest quality diamonds that have been individually set in 18 carat gold. These listening devices give a crystal clear sound and a sparkling appearance. The 18 grams gold makes the piece fairly heavier than the regular set of earphones yet they are just as comfortable, claim the makers. The earpieces are attached to a white wire with a standard jack that fits into most MP3 players and computers.

The only pair of Casa Gi earphones in the UK is currently on sale at Clive Ranger jewelry shop in Bristol for 3,499. Quite an item, though I wonder if it will grab much interest in the current financial swing the world is in. attractive and glamorous, they are perfect for a music and jewel fanatic! Brings to mind the hip-hop or a rapper look and it these earphones might just add to it. Not that it could not be anything else, just improvise!
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