Meet Columbus, A Eco Friendly Yacht meant only for Billionaires

Are you by any chance a billionaire loaded with cash? Do you enjoy sailing in a super yacht? And after indulging in all the pleasures of the rich and famous do you find time for issues such as environment sustainability and care about our blue planet? If yes is the answer to all our questions then we have just what you were looking for. A super yacht that is fancy meant exclusively for the affluent and also saves the planet from all the poisonous fumes that we emit every day.

It is the first eco friendly yacht that the world has ever seen and don’t think it will come with a price that just about anyone can afford. Meant only for billionaires whose bank accounts are over flowing with cash, this first go green super yacht known as the Columbus Sport it comes for a whopping $30 million. The yacht starching 130’ and hybrid is however not the first super luxury yacht despite its unique eco friendly features. It is Paul Allen’s’, billionaire and the co-founder of Microsoft, Octopus that is so far slated as the most fancy yachts of all time. It is said to be 414 ft long. The super yatch boasts of having a basket ball court and its own submarine. The weekly expenditure on this yacht is a staggering $384,000. Several parties on the yacht which also has a music room have been hosted in honor of billionaires and celebrities.

Anyway, our concern for today is not the money and the mindboggling expenditures on the world’s plushest yacht but a boat that also promises to prevent our blue planet from further damage. And Columbus does just that. Read on to know more about this floating paradise that is also eco friendly.
The Eco-Friendly Columbus

The Columbus, which is being manufactured by Italian boat builders Palumbo will be ready to hit the seas by 2013. Giuseppe Palumbo, the General Manager at the company’s Naples yard, has stated that the boat will combine superior technologies as well as eco friendly features.

It will be the first of its kind and abides by every regulation of the International Maritime Organisation’s MARPOL Convention. The convention aims to control the emission of pollutants and poisonous gases on the seas by sea vessels such as boats, yachts, ships etc.
Let’s look first at the boat’s technical aspects. The yacht not only prevents air pollution but also is able to control noise pollution since its electrical engines do not make any noise while they are on the run. The engine which is powered by electricity can run as far as 7.5 knots and once that is over some diesel can also be pumped in since the engine is dual powered. It is because of the boat’s exterior that is made of aluminium that prevents the use of more energy. The use of aluminium makes it light weight. The 120 feet long yatch has enough space to accommodate eight people who can sunbathe on the deck. The deck is so huge that it has been named the ‘Beach Club’.

The deck houses three cabins that are huge and super luxurious. The main room is called the ‘Saloon’ and has huge windows that give you a splendid view of the seas. The interiors of the yacht have been done up with Emperador Dark Marble and Breccia Sarda.

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