Louis XIII Rare Cask Is a Rare Cognac

Harrods is all set to sweep all the wine experts off their feet by introducing the Louis XIII Rare Cask. Seems that this cognac would definitely make the French proud, as the rare combination of eaux-de-vie and the vintage cask would surely leave an impression.

This cognac is the unique concoction of centuries old twelve hundred eaux-de-vie, which leaves a sublime taste and enlivens each and every taste bud as it spreads in your mouth. The richness and the fullness of this cognac will spark the desire for more.

Made from an unparalleled combination of wild mushrooms, it has hints of mint, gingerbread, wax and rare spices, it would invigorate your senses and make you fall in love with cognac all over again. Its packaging truly exemplifies the French craftsmanship, intricate and detailed. It comes in a black crystal Baccarat decanter enclosed in a metal coffret which is again hand decorated.

If this has roused the desire in you to have it, you better grab it soon, as it is available in the Harrods Wine Shop till the end of February. This wine shop has always had a distinct taste when it comes to wines, it never fails to satisfy its customers and make them its permanent customers.
via: Harrods
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