Louis Vuitton to Release a Collection of Designer Stationery

The easiest way for an established brand to grow their sales is to diversify and expand their portfolio of products they offer. But you rarely come across a brand diversifying into a totally unrelated field. Louis Vuitton, the French fashion house plans to do just that. LV, as they are popularly known, plans to design, produce and market a designer stationery collection. It could encourage people to write with a pen on paper more often. Writing manually is an endangered art form. 

No one bothers to improve their hand writing today.
Louis Vuitton is primarily known for their chic leather bags, several ranges of iPad and laptop cases trendy sunglasses, encyclopedia and tea trunks, fashionable jewelry line and stylish timepieces. Whatever they create, they always bring a certain stylish charm to their products and designs. 

LVMH has grown into the largest fashion and luxury conglomerate with the largest network and reach globally. Many of the family owned luxury brands in Europe with a long history have become part of the group. The closest the group has come to paper, reading and writing is when they released a book named Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture.

The fashion world is excited about the Louis Vuitton’s decision to produce paper goods and related paraphernalia. Fashion girls are known to go for personalized note cards and ostentatious stationery. The initiative of the fashion house could be part of the much anticipated expansion of its Saint-Germain-des-Prés boutique.

 It is a neighborhood that is famous for being a popular haunt of cool authors and poets. The details of the products in the collection and their pricing have not been released as yet but don’t be surprised if they are expensive. But one thing is certain that Louis Vuitton stationery will make your desk look chic and stylish and you might actually start communicating by writing letters on paper to impress others with your style.

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