LG’s 55 Inch OLED TV Likely to Become Available in Europe in July for €9,000

LGs 55 inch OLED TV, the 55EM9600 was noticed by all at the CES for its hyper rich organic colors. At the same time its size and thickness or lack of it impressed everyone. It has become a gadget everyone is waiting for. With this television LG Electronics has ushered in a new era of television viewing. 

Based on WRGB technology the TV was unveiled at Monaco’s renowned Salle des Etoiles in front of an audience of 400 dealers, journalists and special guest F1 champion Sebastian Vettel. The officials of the company were confident of maintaining their leadership in the TV market by developing the most advanced commercial OLED TV and be the first to bring it to Europe, as early as the latter half of the year.

Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company presented the OLED TV as the most revolutionary innovation in the entire history of television. In terms of picture quality and design, the new TV has delivered above all expectations and the company will continue to focus on it. 

The company has put in years of research and development to develop the WRGB technology. It is a four Color Pixel technology that relies on a white sub-pixel to perfect the color output. In addition a Color Refiner has been incorporated to enhance the image. 

The result is the most vibrant and natural pictures that are comfortable to the human eye. The brightness or the viewing angle also does not come in the way of a perfect viewing experience.

The basic difference between a LCD or LED display and an OLED TV is that the former requires backlights where as the later generates its own light. The engineers at LG managed to reduce the thickness of the TV by using fiber carbon and reinforced plastics to make the exterior of the TV. 

They managed to reduce the thickness to as little as 4mm. The weight of the large TV also came down to just 10kg. CINEMA 3D technology and Smart TV capabilities have been incorporated in the new TV by LG. No doubt the company is proud of the fact that they are the ones who have created the most immersive and comprehensive home entertainment experience on the market today.

The launch of OLED TV has reinforced LG’s claim to the leadership position in the TV market. Stanley Cho, head of LG’s Europe Operations is confident that with the arrival of OLED TV there is no stopping them from becoming the number one TV brand in Europe. 

He assured the guests present that the company will not become complacent with this achievement but strive to develop more such products in order to retain their position as the most innovative home entertainment company in the industry. LG has established itself as a company with a premium image and the TV line up they have readied this year for launch is very aggressive in terms of technology and design. 

Apart from OLED TV there is CINEMA 3D Smart TV and Ultra Definition 3D TV at the top end of the premium TV line up. The price of the OLED TV has not been confirmed officially but according to sources it is likely to be about €9,000 for Europe and the sets are likely to become available by July in the entire region.
Via: engadget
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