Infiniti Yachts Brings New Designs with Unique DSS Technology to Monaco Show

The Monaco Yacht Show from September 22 to 25, 2010 will have a new offering from Infiniti Yachts. They are developing a new brand of custom sailing yachts which will target the super yacht market of 24m/82 feet upwards. In terms of design, styling and engineering they are pitching themselves against the best in the super yacht category and in addition they are bringing in the Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) technology and they are offering this unique technology across their range.

This technology incorporates a foil that makes the yacht stiffer, faster and less prone to pitching and motion. Effectively, even a smaller boat takes on the characteristics and stability of a bigger yacht. The visitors to the Yacht show will be able to see the new technology and the difference it makes to the performance and the experience of a boat.

Yatchzoo’s sales team will be representing the brand in the show. The DSS technology will be highlighted as the USP of the brand differentiating it from the other high end brands in the market. Their aim is to build the awareness of the brand and the product. Infiniti Yachts already has three different designs underway for three different clients. A 55 feet day sailor, a 100 feet ultra high performance Mediterranean cruising yacht and a 150 feet ultra high performance cruiser.
Via: Synfo
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