In London’s May Fair hotel, the bathroom’s worth £50K

It’s luxury galore at London’s May Fair. On your next trip to London, when you check in at the May Fair Suites every little thing will be taken care off. The May Fair is known to look after its guest in style and how. The hotel exudes luxury splendidly and it’s not just the rooms, the food or the other amenities that the hotel provides its guests with but it is also the bathrooms that will impress the guests and will leave them all spellbound. 

Guests will be pampered at this hotel which has so far hosted everyone from celebrities’ superstars, millionaires and billionaires, politicians. Well, the list is long.

We have earlier reported about the May Fair hotels’ luxury toilets. The latest addition to this hotel is a super luxurious bathroom. The recently unveiled Ebony suite at the hotel which is spread around 110 square meters has integrated a bathroom that is worth £50K. 

The bathroom is not at all ordinary and besides boasting of elegant and sophisticated interiors it also makes use of some superior technology. With its extraordinary features and unique designs it will touted to become the most expensive loo in the city.

Read on if you wish to know how exactly what Mayfair’s Ebony Suites Loo has to offer you.

London’s Most Expensive Bathroom at May Fair

A plush bathroom is a part of the Ebony Suite which will cost you £2000 a night. The suite also is no less and has a kitchenette, separate guest room and a 67 square meter Lounge with a four seater dinning table. The private terrace is also impressive and is spread across 34 square meters. The terrace is adorned with a dark wood setting and is largely decorated with ivory and metallic shades.
However, it is the lavish lavatory that remains the key highlight of the Ebony suite. It is no doubt the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The lavish bathroom is largely automatic and remote controlled. 

The lavatory which is London’s plushest has been designed and manufactured by TOTO’s Japan and is called the Neorest Washlet. It is ideally the lavatory of the future with its superior technology. Once inside the bathroom the lavatory lid opens on its own. It may look a little spooky in the beginning but the soothing design and colours used in the interiors of the bathrooms will help you rela and enjoy every single minute that you spend in there.

The Lavatory also has incorporated features that you may never have seen or heard of before. The seats of the lavatory are heated. Along with the seats it also includes a jet spray whose directions can be set accordingly, a dryer and a water massage system which comes with temperature control. The lavatory also comes with a deodorizer. 

Too many features we know but you don’t have to worry since all of this remote controlled. Just some fiddling with the remote control panel and you can make changes suiting your requirements.  Such a futuristic lavatory will come with a price indeed and this very advanced toilet at the May Fair’s costs a whopping £10,000.

If the lavatory was not enough for all the pampering, the bath tub is luminous and the most soothing lights emanate from it while you’re taking a shower. The bathtub also comes with a Toto Gyrostream shower that totally relaxes your body with the water pressure. The color changes according to the temperature of the water.

If you wish to get spoiled at the May Fair’s Ebony Suite don’t forget to make your bookings. Call +44 207 769 4041 for further enquiries and reservations.
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