Hermès Moves into Luxury Real Estate by Decorating an Apartment in Singapore

Luxury real estate has to project its exclusivity to appeal to the millionaires and billionaires who can afford them. In an uncertain economic environment it becomes doubly important for a property to stand out to gain the interest of the potential buyers. 

In order to create a fashionable differentiator the developers are increasingly teaming up with fashion houses and designers to give their property that exclusive luxurious look. We have earlier talked about the Bottega Veneta hotel suites at Park Hyatt Chicago and the “Milano Residences” Versace homes in the Philippines. These are both successful projects that have given the trend a boost as it is a win-win situation for both the fashion house as well as the real estate developer.

Another high profile project in Asia is taking the trend forward. The luxury fashion house to step into the luxury real estate sector is none other than Hermes. The project is the Marq on Paterson Hill in Singapore, a private hospitality apartment by SC Global Developments. Targeted at Singapore’s wealthy Asians, the apartments will be decorated by Hermes, the first such project they have taken up in the sector. 

The high end property developers commissioned the French fashion house for the project and they appointed Yves Taralon, Creative Director of La Table Hermès and French renowned decorator, to lead the artistic direction of this project. Michelle Cheong, Creative Director of the SC Global design team co-ordinated with Yves to translate his ideas into reality. The result has been stunning as the Hermes touch is evident everywhere in the luxurious apartment.

The apartments in the Signature Tower at the Marq are spacious with a total area of 6,200 square feet. The design team has carefully chosen the best and the most suitable Hermès furniture, furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, carpets and tableware and combined them with made-to-order leather upholstered items and a choice of artworks. The dining room seems good enough to receive royal guests. 

The table has been crafted meticulously by Hermes craftsmen and it is topped by Hermes porcelain and assorted Cristalleries de Saint Louis by Parisian silversmiths. The bedrooms look magnificent with the walls covered in Hugo Grygkar Bibliotheque wallpaper. The bed, armchairs and sofas are taken from the Confortable line. The apartment surely sets new standards of luxury living.
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