Hellmuth’s “Croco” style redefines Luxury Jewelry

The world of the elite recognizes Hellmuth to create jewelry that exudes uniqueness. Unlike many other jewelry brands it is a company that has been known all these years for its ‘croc designs’. In simple terms, most of their exquisite and detailed designs have been inspired by the crocodile skin. Nature is well steeped in their designs that are also dazzling with the generous use of diamonds and other sparkling colored stones. Hellmuth’s re-interpret the crocodile skin very finely on their jewelry products and perhaps that is what makes them a renowned jewelry brand which the rich and the famous especially adore.

Finesse is what runes in this family of jewelry designers. And crocodile skin seems to have been the inspiration of every generation. The jewelry brand was founded in 1983 by Gert Hellmuth however it can almost trace it origins to the time of Karl Friedrich Hellmuth, the great grandfather of Gert Hellmuth, who designed watch straps, bags and other accessories and the crocodile skin was a deep inspiration in this case also. Gert Hellmuth has kept alive this tradition and has also continued the fine craftsmanship and exquisiteness that was set by his great grandfather. That is how he manages to create such fine luxury jewelry.

Luxury Jewelry is now rapidly gaining a lot of popularity with just about everyone from A- list celebrities to the rich and the affluent vying to own a fine piece of luxurious jewel. Gone are the days when only the richness of the precious stone or the metal that mattered, now it’s also about the design. Even in India luxury jewelry has made a name for itself with leading jewelry designer like Farah Ali Khan taking forward and giving this trend an impetus. She also launched her store at the very plush DLF Emporio mall in New Delhi.
Coming back to Hellmuth’s luxury jewelry, let’s see what this very fine jeweller from Germany has to offer.

A Jewelled Crocodile

Hellmuth collections have been crafted both in gold and silver. The new collection of the jewelry giant has once again sought inspiration from the crocodile’s skin. The skin of this rather gigantic reptile has been exquisitely and intricately recreated on their latest collection. The gold pieces of yellow, rose and white dominate the gold collection of the Hellmuth’s jewelry’s current collection. These pieces look elegant, extremely sophisticated and very much wearable.

Hellmuth likes it big. And that is why a major chunk of their collection includes heavy cocktail rings and also skulls. However, there’s also some delicate jewelry in store for those who like to be understated and this includes fine bangles and rings and delicate bracelets.

The silver collection of Hellmuth will appeal more to those who like to casual and themselves.  Beads and woven leather appear on the silver collection and the croco style has also left a huge impact here. The large pieces have been largely influenced by the croco designs.

For those who not only like to dress themselves but also their pet pooches, Hellmuth Hund offers them some charms that are bedecked with croco patterns, of course, and also some diamonds. Don’t forget to send them an image of your loving pooch and they will design a piece which will be meant just for your pooches eyes only!

Hellmuth’s luxury jewelry is quite popular with celebrities and many own these fine pieces of luxury. Some of the big names are Hillary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Amy Adams and many more. The jewelry has also been featured in many magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.

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