Gucci Joins Safilo to Present a Collection of Sustainable Sunglasses

Luxury can be sustainable and need not be a burden on the environment. Gucci, one of the world’s leading luxury brands had way back in 2004 voluntarily initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (SA 8000) certification process for its entire production cycle. 

Rossella Ravagli, Gucci’s corporate social responsibility manager believes that since 1921 Gucci has been about quality, but nowadays quality goes hand in hand with sustainability. They are now collaborating with Safilo who are worldwide leader in the premium eyewear segment and produce some of the most expensive sunglasses in the world.

Together they have launched a collection of sustainable models of sunglasses. Last year in August Gucci and Safilo together introduced four models made from acetate containing a high percentage of material from natural origins. Another range of sunglasses called the Gucci Eyeweb collection was also released. Aimed at a young and dynamic clientele, the collection includes two bio-based sunglasses. 

The frames have been made from natural material made out of castor-oil seeds. In terms of comfort and quality there has been no compromise made when compared to the eyewear industry standards. 

However the natural materials used reduce the carbon footprint of the production process. New packaging is also being developed for the sustainable eyewear that would further simplify the production process. The catalogues that come along with the eyewear are also being printed on FSC certified paper with the aim of gradually reducing environmental impact.

The two collaborators, Gucci and Safilo are working on creating a prototype made from a material alternative to plastic. Both the renowned Italian companies share the same human, ethical and social values and will continue to strive together towards greater sustainability. Since 2010 Gucci has changed all its packaging to make it completely recyclable. 

They have worked on other aspects of their business to reduce the overall impact on the environment. They have streamlined their fleet of cars and reduced road transportation. They have been striving to limit the energy consumption in their stores. The company has recently obtained environmental certification according to 14001 standards.
Via: psfk

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