Garia Soleil de Minuit Is the World’s Most Expensive Golf Cart

Golf and prosperity strongly correlate to each other, and that is because in order to play golf you need a lot of time. If you are wealthy it also implies that you have a lot of time to invest in playing golf. If you however wanted the best of all golf courses, you should head straight towards Monaco.

The glamorous state has the world’s most expensive golf cart which costs a horrendous $52,000. The Garia Soleil de Minuit is manufactured in the same factory as Porsche Cayman and Boxter. It is being touted as something that a true golf lover has to experience and apparently it provides amazing on-course driving experience.

Some of the features that you could expect in the Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit are carbon roof, one-off custom paint, two-coloured hand-stitched luxury seats, alcantara roof lining and several other luxurious features. The base price is $17,499 but if you want the most exclusive one you better be ready to shell out $52k. If you had the kind of money that would allow you to buy this golf cart, you sure must be a lucky devil.
Via: Gizmag
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