G-Power BMW H5 Is World’s Fastest Sedan At 228.4mph

G-Power does not like to be left behind. It seems that building the ‘World’s Fastest BMW just wasn’t enough because now G-Power also holds the title of World’s Fastest sedan.
The BMW H5 Hurricane RS with 750hp hit a speed of 228.4mph to break the world record for the fastest sedan to date. 

The car is designed to handle the pressures of 200mph plus drives with its two high capacity inter-coolers responsible for keeping the ASA blowers from heating up. Other specifications of the sleek model include high flow fuel injectors and a lower compression from revised forged pistons and Speedflow exhaust. The title has been taken over from the Mercedes-Benz Brabur which had burned tyres at 226.8mph.
The car had its test run at ATP High-Speed test track at Papenburg, Germany and G-Power intends to do anything it can to keep the car in the records.
Via: MotorTrend
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