Ferrari Unica Home Gym

The latest edition of the Ferrari Unica is based on the most conventional Prancing Horse colors that have been used till date upon countless Ferraris, thereby pointing them amidst myriad of coupe models. The personal gym was designed by an in-house team of training experts at the Technogym Research Centre. The idea was to offer a complete package of training exercises in a compressed, easy-to-use format focused at giving an ideal, all-round fitness training schedule at your comfort. 

The revolutionary design known for its ultra-modern mechanized processes and highly-skilled personnel is inviting eyeballs. The frames of Ferrari Unica gym are similar to that of cars subjected to cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment done before undergoing for a finished touch of paint.The leather neat of its wadding is beige in color replicating Ferrari interiors, which is complemented by the red color of gym frame. Other delicate details that summon up the company’s GT cars are F50-style wheels and Prancing Horse logos.

 The gym machine offers you access to over 25 different exercises with a pre-set courtesy of the Wellness Mate computer. It is also open to detailed training programs tailored to meet your needs, making it easy-to-use for even a layman. The key card of the machine bears client’s own physical data and training programe. Through the help of a Net Trainer and by installing a specific kit, it becomes much easier for users to update themselves about their program over internet.

Dedicatedly designed for home use, the Ferrari Unica concentrates on every part of your body via a wide range of activities viz. extension, flexion, adduction and traction exercises. When folded it is mere 1.2 m but when it use it occupies an area of 1.6 m. It is 2.07 high and 1.84 long. It is retailed at €12,500.
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