The Fendi Abici Amante Donna Bicycle Flaunts Fur

Perhaps, this one is a never-seen-before kind of a bicycle. Since its being mentioned here, you can well expect it to be luxury personified but frankly, we were expecting some mechanical razzmatazz and are plainly surprised to see the strappings of uber-lux in something that requires hard work pedaling. We are talking the new Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle and furs.

Apparently made exclusively for luxury cruising, the bike has two models to choose from. One costs $5,900 as it comes lathered with Fendi Selleria leather accessories and even a detachable Fendi case. The other is a deluxe bike and can cost you $9,500 because it lets you remove the saddlebags too.

We did hear of reports that claimed Fendi’s Firth Avenue flagship store had put up four such bikes on sale, two of which have already been purchased by eco-friendly and health conscious Richie Richs. Good for them. But in all honesty, it is rather difficult to digest a bike with fur. Let’s not forget, money does not make up for poor taste.
Via freshnessmag
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