Everton F.C Inspired Blackbery with Sapphire Stones

In year 1878, the birth of Everton F.C changed the world in a way. In order to mark the occasion Blackberry Bold has unveiled a new and unique smartphone. The smartphone would appeal to all the football lovers and the new Blackberry Royal Blue Edition is something that I would purchase whatever the price might be.

It has been designed by Katherine Hughes of Republica fashion and derives inspiration from the famed Everton Football Club. The smartphone even comes with the Everton FC logo which has been created using sapphire stones. This bling filled smartphone is rather expensive and costs £5,995. The Royal blue Edition comes with the blue Python skin which has been designed by the Italian artisan.

No football lover can deny himself of this wonderful product, and you could do so only if you can’t afford the heavy price tag. You could visit their official website and purchase the smartphone. It is amazing how technology, beauty, style, bling and football can all meet at one single place. This is one piece of artwork that can’t be ignored! I would certainly vouch for its beauty.
Via: Luxuo
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