A Cool Baby Stroller Cum Scooter Invented by Lottu Tu

Nurturing a small baby is a task that not requires a continuous care and attention but it’s also a big challenge per se. The challenge becomes even tougher especially when you run around trying to complete your work outside your home. It’s not always possible to carry the baby in your arms when you want to pick up a few stuffs from the nearby supermarket, or when you want to sit and relax for sometime in your local park.

To relieve you temporarily from this ordeal, Lottu Tu has invented a cool baby-moving idea. The idea hit her when she was still an ID student at Taiwan’s Tung Hai University. This electric scooter will be just perfect to travel short distances and you can double this as a stroller as well.

It however, is not advisable to take it to the busy roads while your baby is at the back. It will be best to take the less travelled road where there is less traffic. If you are visiting a closeby shop, then you might just use the scooter as a stroller. It’s much safer as you can comfortably have the baby seated.
Via: Coroflot
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