Chinese Jewellery Collector Creates A 100,000-Carat Mona Lisa Replica

Few works of art have enjoyed as much attention as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa“. The painting by the archetypical Renaissance Man may be diminutive in size, but not in stature. Discussions about the secret behind Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile continue to this day and artists the world over have tried to recreate this seminal piece in a variety of different ways over the years.

We have seen Mona Lisa replicas made from coffee cups, toast, even motherboard components. We have even seen an exquisite Mona Lisa watch. But a Chinese jewellery collector has gone one up on them all. The unidentified artist has created a Mona Lisa replica using precious stones and jewels – about 100,000 carats worth.

According to reports, the Chinese jewellery collector has spent the last five years creating this bejewelled replica of what is perhaps da Vinci’s most popular painting. There is no question that this Mona Lisa replica is one of a kind, even in a world that continues to be besotted by the woman with the mysterious smile from Italy of the sixteenth century.

Over the last thirty years, the Chinese jewellery collector had been gathering thousand of raw gem stones to use on this precious replica of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. There is no word on how much this brilliant piece could cost, but given the 100,000 carats of jewellery hogging this Mona Lisa portrait, it seems safe to predict a rather extravagant price tag. The replica is currently being displayed at a shopping mall in China’s Shenyang City.
Via: Oddity Central
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