Cat Hotel in London Attract Celebrity Felines

The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in Hertfordshire, England could just be where you would like to see your cat stay when your holidaying. It is a 5 star hotel meant for pets and the hotel is managed by Abi and Matt Purser. It is a cat meant specifically for cats and the a la cat menu comes with several mouth watering dishes.
There would be a heated chalet all to themselves, 24-hour veterinarian service, if needed, and luxurious grooming services. The site even reveals that the cats would be able to enjoy the chalet to their heart’s content.

The website of the hotel states the
“The Hotel offers six very large luxury heated chalets each with their own bedroom and exercise area creating the perfect stress-free retreat for your much treasured pet whilst they are in our care.”
There would also be bird boxes to keep the cats entertained, and I wonder who would clean up all the blood and feathers after the cats are done with entertaining themselves with their birdie playmates.

 There would also be a fountain that would let oxygenated water flow constantly. A great place for celebrity cats like Nora!

Via: Telegraph
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