BMW Is the World’s Most Reputable Company

The latest survey of New York-based Reputation Institute concluded in honoring BMW as the world’s most reputable company  which stood at the top after market study and research. It is distinguished as a great successful company by two powerful attributes namely awareness and reconditioning of the brand. It has won the respect and trust of the consumers with its positive action and reliability away from the home country. The top list of German luxury automaker is followed by Sony and Walt Disney. 100,000 consumers were surveyed by the global consultancy firm which recognized hundred companies that were successful in establishing international reputation.

A poll of companies on reputation in America was conducted by Harris who places Apple as the best reputed company in America. Google fell this year into sixth place which topped previous successive two years. The social media Facebook page records 10,168,690 “likes” for BMW. Nicolas Georges Trad, executive partner of Reputation Institute says that reputation cannot be easily exported. It has to be built over years and is also tied to past action and history with emotional connection which is a very difficult task. If companies want to keep market share globally, companies would not get recommendations outside. The report gives an account of stronger reciprocal relation between consumer’s willingness and company’s reputation. If companies are to improve sales they must invest on reputation.

Each company should get reputation score over 70 at home market. The criteria for the company’s qualification includes high familiarity among consumers, multinational presence, annual revenue and company size in 15 markets. BMW had the admiration and trust to score 80.its weaker places include China, Canada, Japan, the US where BMW scored about 70s.
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