Bathtubs Of The Future By Gruppo Treesse

The Vision bathtub spa series by Gruppo Treesse will take your breath away. Designed by Paola Parea, these pieces of luxury seem to be coming straight from the Starship enterprise. Though simple and sleek in pattern, the streamlined bathtubs definitely are a window to the future.

Kudos to the designer to sit back and think of something that the target audience would like to sit back and relax in after a super long day. The monotone or duotone white and black color scheme is both stylish and ultra-futuristic.The unconventional look of one of the varieties is further accentuated by the glass sides such that you can see into the tub from outside.

And the technology will transport you to the world of Jetsons. The touch button remote controls lets you combine mineral salts and natural essences. Then there is the hydrothermal spa with six preset spa options from relaxing to energizing.

So what are we waiting for? The colors are soft, the curves are smooth and the technology is way ahead of times. Go ahead and give you bathroom a gift to remember.

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