Australia’s Most Expensive Wine Costs $1,000 Per Bottle

Lately, the Australian wine industry has been rather pessimistic over the size of its exports. But a soon-to-launch wine that costs $1,000 a bottle could get rid of the gloom. The wine in question is Penfolds’ 2008 Special Bin 620, poised to become Australia’s most expensive wine

Coonawarra cabernet and shiraz go into the making of this fine wine.  As expected, these will be limited edition bottles – only 1,000 cases will be released throughout the world. However, the global launch will not take place in Australia. 

Penfolds is taking the wine to Shanghai instead, a move that indicates the growing importance of Asia in the fortunes of Australian wine producers. Asia currently accounts for 10 percent of Australia’s wine exports.

Recorking clinics and wine education in Hong Kong and Shanghai will accompany the grand global media launch and high-profile dinner that follows. Invitees to the dinner will include business bigwigs, high-flying wine industry representatives and wine collectors. Penfolds’ chief winemaker Peter Gago will head the wine-related sessions. Moreover, a complete set of Penfolds Grange will be up for auction.

The Special Bin 620 is among the rarest wines to emerge out of Penfolds’ wineries. The 1966 vintage was the last time anyone spotted this hugely successful wine. It took 45 years for Penfolds’ winemakers to find three Coonawarra blocks that could be used to make another version of the Special Bin 620. The rarity of these wines should make them a prized possession for wine lovers.

This most expensive wine in Australia has been distributed to overseas markets. Limited quantities will be sold in Australia through Penfolds cellar doors, fine wine outlets and duty free stores.
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