1962 Ferrari GTO is the World’s Most Expensive Car

When it comes to expensive and flashy cars, Ferrari always rules the roost. Be it there latest models or even vintage models, they have always managed to create headlines in the world of automobiles. Once again the Ferrari GTO 1962 model is in the news for being the world’s most expensive car, despite the ‘vintage’ tag. The car was very recently sold for a mind boggling price of $35 million. Now that’s quite a lot of money we say for vintage car!

We have reported earlier on the most expensive Ferraris. At an auction conducted by RM auctions some of the best Ferraris in the world were put under the hammer and were sold at some rather hefty prices. Some of them included the 1963 Ferrari GTO which was sold for a price of $ 18 million followed by 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder and the 1958 Ferrari 412 S all of which fetched a price of $ 18 million, $ 12 million, $ 10.9 million and $ 5.61 million respectively. 

However, the Ferrari GTO has broken all records till date and is very easily the world’s most expensive car with a whopping price tag. The deal was actually a private transaction and was sold by a Dutch businessman by the name of Eric Heerema who also happens to be the owner of Nyetimber vineyard in Sussex, United Kingdom. The vintage car was purchased by, ‘The Wireless Wizard of Oz’, Mr. Craig McCaw, the co-founder of McCaw cellular.

The Ferrari 1962 GTO

It’s no ordinary Ferrari since it was built especially for UK based driver Sir Stirling Moss. However, an unfortunate crash at the Good Wood circuit in Sussex prevented him from racing the Ferrari 1962. The crash in April 1962 also brought his racing career to grinding halt. If not Sir Stirling Moss, then his teammate Innes Ireland, brought the car at the circuit and raced it in the race of Le Mans. That was be the last time the Ferrari 1962 GTO would be on the racing circuit. After this race the apple green car became more of a commercial product than a racing car and came under the scanner of some rich and famous vintage price collectors.

Incidentally, vintage Ferraris are the most sought after by enthusiastic car collectors and fetch the heftiest price tags at auctions or even during private transactions. We have already discussed the most expensive Ferraris sold at an RM auction. The Ferrari GTO 1962 is no exception and is clearly a winner. It has been extremely popular and was also listed on Anamera.com, a website for car collectors and enthusiasts, as being amongst May’s high end sales.

The Ferrari GTO 1962 which became popular for its pastel color was only one amongst the 39 that were produced from the year 1962 to 1964 that has gained immense popularity. A Japanese collector, by the name of Yoshiho Matsuda first owned the car after which it passed into the hands of Eric Heerema who purchased it for $ 8.5 million ten years back.

Via Jalopnik
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