Yachts | Get An Agouti Yacht If You Feel The Need For Speed

The fans of speed in water must try their hands at an Agouti yacht. Just do it once, and you will know just what you have been missing out on. Well, each of these have been crafted from solid wood and measure up to 20 to 40 meters in length. 

As a matter of fact, the Agouti Yachts are quite proud of their traditional boat building methods that seamlessly absorb the modern technologies as well. And all the credit for it goes to the two visionary brothers- Michael and Andreas Grieger.

By the way, it took 50,000 hours of handwork on 40 cubic meters of mahogany, 50 cubic meters of cedar wooord, 650 square meters and two tons of carbon-epoxy resin to make their most recent and spectacular 20 m yacht.

This one draws its strength from a two 10-cylinder MAN diesel engines that have more than 2,200 bhp. In other words, Agouti can go real fast, to the effect of 32 knots. However, the ambitious designers are aiming to increase the capacity such that the max speed can be 50 knots. As for the interior, it is adorned with the best in mahogany and leather.

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