Gold Skull Armchair Built for World Domination From Harow

Are you wondering about how to dominate the world? Or looking for a comfortable armchair? Well, don’t go to Ikea, even though they do have many swivel chairs but nothing that is designed and built for comfort and world domination. In fact, they don’t have a gold skull armchair that sells for $500,000. So, where do you buy an armchair that super-villains would immediately buy or steal to decorate their home or office?

Harow is a French design firm and they have just released an armchair that sells for a whooping $500,000.  The 24-carat gold skull armchair is created from reinforced fiberglass. It has a steel internal frame and handmade in Paris. The armchair seat is upholstered in black velvet, a color specifically chosen to contrast the 24-carat gold plating surrounding it.

The armchair which shows the upper teeth of a skull form the base of the chair. The nose and forehead of the face decorated with ornamental trappings to once again contrast the geometric appearance of the chair. The chair measuring 5′x4′x3.5’ is definitely not small but just right for relaxation.

The 24-carat gold edition armchair is the first and the most expensive furniture at the moment. Who knows, maybe a gold table is already in the making. Anyway, a black edition of the skull armchair was released in 2013, but it is less expensive. If you cannot afford the gold edition, the black edition is still available.

Harow’s gold edition chair is a work of art but also a functional piece of furniture. It is so comfortable to sit on that you wouldn’t think for a second that you are seating on a 24-carat chair. But then again, how can you forget when the chair carries a price tag of $500,000. The armchair definitely deserved to be on the center of your living room, you don’t need much furniture when you got a chair that sparkle day and night.


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