Christian Louboutin Astrology Inspired Collection – Limited Edition Shoes


A lot of people don’t care much about their horoscopes, because of the ambiguity that astrological signs foretell. But, what happens when a famous fashion and footwear designer used astrology for his newest collection, things get out of hand as everyone rush to pre-order a pair of shoe. Christian Louboutin, a well-known French footwear designer have partnered with Moda Operandi to create fashionable shoes that will get people hooked on astrology.

The Christian Louboutin Moda Operandi shoe collection comes in two types, the peep-toe mule, and ballerina flat. The shoes are decorated with silver and gold thread. They are available in three colors, navy, black and purple silk. The mules and flat, both finished in Louboutin signature shiny, lacquered red soles.

Each shoe is embroidered in India and finished in Louboutin’s Parisian atelier. Best of all, customers are offered customization options, in which they can choose a design, based on the 12 astrological signs. In other words, you can buy a pair of personalized Louboutin shoe. The shoes all beautifully design and monogrammed with your date of birth and initials.

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