Apple Watch Hermes Bands Are Selling Separately

Are you one of the many people who bought Apple watch before the company announced their partnership with Hermes? Or you have fallen in love with Hermes Apple watch edition? Whether you own the Apple watch or the Hermes special edition, you can make your watch even more awesome.

French fashion house Hermes and Apple has recently unveiled four new straps colors for apple watches. The new band colors are now available for individual purchase at Hermes and outlets and Apple stores.  That is right! Apple is now allowing smartwatch users to buy Hermes bands separately.

Apple watch Hermes is a unique timepiece, designed with beauty and utility in mind. Buying a new Apple watch is no longer necessary when you just want Hermes leather straps. You can now buy Hermes handmade bands to change your straps and make your watch even more fashionable. In fact, if you love interchanging bands, you can now add more color to your watch accessories.

Hermes and Apple new luxury leather accessory are available in four different colors. The additional colors give users chance to choose a strap that suits their taste and mood. The interchangeable straps are available in sapphire blue, peacock blue, iconic orange, and white. The straps are not just for apple users as the fancy strap also great for another smartwatch.

The price of the Hermes standalone single bands starts at $340 for 38mm and 42mm. The single tour versions 42mm model are available in deer brown, sapphire blue, black and fire orange. And the 38mm version comes in peacock blue and white.  All the double tour design in 38mm sells for $490 for the long and regular straps. And for the sports cuff, the large 42mm design is going to cost $690 in limited deer brown shade.

Many users have already bought the new bands. Apple watches users can swap their old bands with the new Hermes bands to look more gorgeous. You can look even more fashionable without buying a new Apple watch. What you need to do is just buy Hermes newly released bands in selected Apple stores and Hermes outlets. They will be adding more color palette in the future to give users better option.

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