Trophy Home in New York Inspired by Palace of Versailles Listed for $114 Million

Trophy homes were not adversely affected even when the global economy went into a downturn. Now with the real estate market looking up more such homes are coming on the market. A potential record breaker is the opulent 20,000 square foot mansion that boasts of sweeping views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. The asking price has been set at $114 million. The six level house has been wrapped in a bow for Christmas. The interiors of the mansion have been inspired by Palace of Versailles, the castles of Italy and even a media room based on the owner’s favorite movie-theater in Queens, New York. All the 19 rooms in the mansion including seven bedrooms have been decorated with the finest European imported materials.

 The Mansion Was originally Built in 1883

Apart from the 20,000 square feet of living space the mansion boasts of 2,500 square feet of outdoor space in the form of a three-tiered rooftop deck. The mansion also features a saltwater pool with spa in the basement. Another exclusive feature of the mansion is that the sidewalk outside and the stoop leading to the front door can be heated for the winter months. The mansion was originally built in 1883 and now attracts an annual property tax of $178,246. Less than a decade ago the property was bought by NHL’s Florida Panther’s owner Vincent Viola and his wife Teresa in 2005 for just $20 million. They renovated the interiors completely. The process took all of three years but the effort has been worth it.

The Level of Grandeur is Awe Inspiring

The mansion now has six bathrooms, three powder rooms, a brick pizza oven in the kitchen and a picnic room. The kitchen is 40 feet wide and boasts of three stone sinks and four mahogany-framed windows that overlook 60th Street. Viola was closely associated with the grand redesign and traveled all over the world to source the materials and artifacts perfectly suited for the décor. The 900 square foot dining room is clearly inspired by Versailles and the same level of grandeur is evident everywhere in the mansion. The walls are decorated with gold leaf and the powder room has a fireplace made from Brazilian travertine and the third-floor banquet room has a black walnut heated floor. Anyone who wants to own all this will not deterred by the three digit price tag.

Louis Vuitton Develops Its 2013 Holiday Catalog as a Goose Game

The holiday season is upon us and the luxury brands are ready with their promotional plans to reach their target customers with schemes, new products and packages. Louis Vuitton has developed an interesting and innovative way to project the collection in their catalog. They have created their own version of The Goose Game that takes the visitor to their site through the luxury brand’s 2013 holiday catalog. The playful spirit behind the concept matches with the spirit of the season and it will surely encourage the user to discover and share the entire collection.

The Lucky Goose Gets Wheeled Around in LV Handbags

The Goose Gets Wheeled Around in LV Handbags
The Louis Vuitton Goose Game will give the visitor to the site another reason to spend more time there and browse through the collection while playing the game and even win some gifts in the bargain. The Louis Vuitton version of the French board game doesn’t star a supermodel or an A-list celebrity but a goose. 

The Goose Game is somewhat like a Gallic version of the Snakes and Ladders. In the LV Game the lucky goose gets wheeled around in luxury handbags by the brand and also gets wrapped up in gift boxes.  The game has been photographed by Coppi Barbieri. The board has a total of 39 spaces and each of them holds a Louis Vuitton product.

The Game Takes You Through The Collection
The products on display on the board range from bags, trunks, belts, scarves, ties, an outfit, jewelry to writing instruments and more. There are iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5 cases ranging from $400 to $550. There is the Tambour Evolution watch with an automatic GMT and chronograph which is available for $11,000. 

The digital catalog features all the details about the products displayed. You can enjoy playing the game even if you are not buying anything. Or you can add the products to your gift list or just share it with your friends on social media platforms. The goose in the game is not laying any golden eggs but it surely helps you go through the Louis Vuitton Christmas 2013 Holiday Collection to discover the perfect LV gift this season.        source

Goldgenie Creates the Most Expensive Bike Completely Plated in 24 Carat Gold

Goldgenie Creates the Most Expensive Bike Completely Plated in 24 Carat Gold

The luxury brands become hyper active during the Christmas season and often come up with lavish and even outlandish gift ideas. Goldgenie, based in London, is something of a specialist in creating luxury gifts and can practically gold plate anything. Golden watches and mobile phones have become common so this year they have brought out a men’s racing bicycle covered completely in 24 carat gold plating. It is the most comprehensive job of gold plating you will ever see as even the handlebar, spokes and chain has also been gold plated in pure gold. As a result it has not only become the most luxurious bike but the most expensive bike carrying a price tag of a whopping £250,000.

It is not only the most expensive bike but more expensive than a Ferrari and will surely give bragging rights to the owner. Its uniqueness and golden finish makes it a greater status symbol than luxury cars. Goldgenie has gone a step further and offered to bling the golden bike further and transform the bike into the ultimate once in a lifetime luxury gift. If the customer so desires they can embellish the bike further and encrust it with diamond and other precious stones. Frank Fernando, director of Goldgenie is confident of finding the potential customer who would be willing to go the whole hog and back the creation of the ultimate bike most lavishly finished.

The bike was taken out for a spin by Goldgenie near its offices in Westminster and it proved to be a real head turner. It has created a buzz and it seems its huge price tag is not a deterrent for potential customers. Mr. Fernando revealed that only one unit has been produced so far but additional orders are already coming in. The most popular gift items made by Goldgenie include gold-plated iPhones and Beats by Dre headphones studded with Swarovski crystals. They had also created a 24-carat gold replica of James Bond’s signature Walther PPK handgun. They also get very unusual enquiries like a 24-carat gold plated toilet including the seat and the commode and also a 24-carat gold vibrator.

Rockefeller Plaza Installs 84-foot-tall Christmas tree And Bejeweled Star

Bah, Humbug and Snow and……….? Well if by now chilly winters fail to remind you of approaching festive season then there is another big hint. The installed 84-foot-tall Norway spruce Christmas tree measuring 48 feet around at New York based Rockefeller Plaza is successful in catching eyeballs and rejuvenating you to bid farewell to this year. The tree has come from Joe and Judy Rivnyak’s yard in Shelton, Connecticut.

The illumination of the Christmas tree is most likely the renowned celebration of its kind and is scheduled to happen on 28 Nov. at 7-9 p.m. If you join the mob of millions of visitors dropping here just to view the event live, then the feast is available for your eyes through 3 January.

Prior to the traditional tree lighting ceremony on 28 November, a giant crystal star is lifted by a crane to be placed atop Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York on 13 November. Decked with Swarovski, precious 25,000 crystals and one million facets, the star has become the major attraction of the city.

But now I think it is sensible for us to say Bah, Humbug, Snow and STARS.

Pic Gallery: 84 Foot-Tall Christmas tree And Bejeweled Star Installed at Rockefeller Plaza


ibiza Royale Opens Up For Late Bookings, Such Good Luck This Christmas

If you are still in the process of choosing a place to spend your Christmas and rest of the winter vacation in, you are in luck for we just heard about this awesome ski-resort of Verbier. This one is an extremely luxurious private chalet and is called the ibiza Royale. This festive season has lead to some unexpected happenings like how the late booking have opened up for the period between the 2nd and 16th of January 2010. Apparently, there was some last minute cancellation that brought about the turn of events

The brochure tells us that the price for ten nights in the dates ranging between 23rd December to 2nd January next year was near $272,000. You can hope for a holiday discount too. Among the facilitues, the guests can enjoy comfortable and cosy accommodation for eighteen guests with a luxury spa and other strappings thrown in.

Might we add the ibiza Royale is all about unprecedented 3000 square meters of festive cheer in the lap of nature. They say it is perhaps the biggest and most impressive chalet in all Europe. source

The Most Expensive Christmas Tree Is Made Of Pure Gold

There is a nip in the air and Christmas is knocking at the door. As for the Christmas trees and ornaments, they are making their first appearances of the season. Leading the way are the most expensive Christmas tree by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka and the enormous Swarovski star.

The Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Ginza Tanaka is famous for his lavish gold creations. You might remember the $850,000 Gold Christmas Tree he created in 2006, or the Ginza Tanaka Mickey Mouse from 2008. This year, Tanaka is being even more extravagant as he creates yet another Christmas tree that is worth its weight in gold.

Crafted from 12 kilograms of solid gold, the 2011 Christmas tree by Tanaka soars to a height of 2.4 meters and costs an equally high $1.95 million. This may not be any competition for the odd $19 million diamond handbag, but it remains by far, the costliest Christmas tree ever. Even the ornaments are made of gold. You will find golden plates, 50-odd heart ornaments and gold ribbon adorning the tree that will be on display at a Tokyo store until Christmas Day.
The 2011 Swarovski Star

Speaking of Christmas ornaments, it is hard to ignore the sparkling Swarovski Star that was unveiled at the Rockefeller Center. This marks the 20th anniversary of the crystal giant’s annual Christmas ornament. Swarovski roped in Hollywood star Olivia Wilde to launch this glittering ornament that features 25,000 crystals. Weighing in at 550 pounds, the star features 300 pounds of crystal panels. The sparkle comes from six large outer rays and six small inner rays made from point-mounted safety glass from NYC buildings. It should be enough to draw Santa Claus to town.  source

Belvedere Releases Specially Packaged Vodka for Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season gets the best out of designers and there is no dearth of gift ideas. At times, more than the product it is the packaging that is stunningly designed. Wine and spirits are often packaged specially for the season. For Christmas 2011 Belvedere has released a special edition ‘Buche de Belvedere’ Vodka. Even if you have completed your shopping for gifts and the New Year you must look at this special edition vodka. It has been packaged in a specially designed artistic casket. The casket contains one bottle of vodka which is very rare.

The quality of the vodka is enhanced by the casing which has a polished chrome and silver body. The casing has been designed in the shape of a log. Covering the main casing, right on top are birch tree leaves crafted in chrome and silver. The lower end of the case has the branding of the bottle. To give the case the look of a real log both ends have been covered with birch wood. The branding of the vodka has been marked on this wood covering in black.

The inside of the case has been finished in acrylic and very aesthetically designed. The bottle of vodka is placed in the casing like one would a musical instrument. The case has been so designed that it is useful even after you take the bottle out of it. You can store ice in it and pass it around without having to arrange for a separate tray. This is a limited edition release with only 25 exclusive bottles made. This multi distilled and purified vodka in its elegant casing will cost you $335.

Gold Skull Armchair Built for World Domination From Harow

Are you wondering about how to dominate the world? Or looking for a comfortable armchair? Well, don’t go to Ikea, even though they do have many swivel chairs but nothing that is designed and built for comfort and world domination. In fact, they don’t have a gold skull armchair that sells for $500,000. So, where do you buy an armchair that super-villains would immediately buy or steal to decorate their home or office?

Harow is a French design firm and they have just released an armchair that sells for a whooping $500,000.  The 24-carat gold skull armchair is created from reinforced fiberglass. It has a steel internal frame and handmade in Paris. The armchair seat is upholstered in black velvet, a color specifically chosen to contrast the 24-carat gold plating surrounding it.

The armchair which shows the upper teeth of a skull form the base of the chair. The nose and forehead of the face decorated with ornamental trappings to once again contrast the geometric appearance of the chair. The chair measuring 5′x4′x3.5’ is definitely not small but just right for relaxation.

The 24-carat gold edition armchair is the first and the most expensive furniture at the moment. Who knows, maybe a gold table is already in the making. Anyway, a black edition of the skull armchair was released in 2013, but it is less expensive. If you cannot afford the gold edition, the black edition is still available.

Harow’s gold edition chair is a work of art but also a functional piece of furniture. It is so comfortable to sit on that you wouldn’t think for a second that you are seating on a 24-carat chair. But then again, how can you forget when the chair carries a price tag of $500,000. The armchair definitely deserved to be on the center of your living room, you don’t need much furniture when you got a chair that sparkle day and night.


Christian Louboutin Astrology Inspired Collection – Limited Edition Shoes


A lot of people don’t care much about their horoscopes, because of the ambiguity that astrological signs foretell. But, what happens when a famous fashion and footwear designer used astrology for his newest collection, things get out of hand as everyone rush to pre-order a pair of shoe. Christian Louboutin, a well-known French footwear designer have partnered with Moda Operandi to create fashionable shoes that will get people hooked on astrology.

The Christian Louboutin Moda Operandi shoe collection comes in two types, the peep-toe mule, and ballerina flat. The shoes are decorated with silver and gold thread. They are available in three colors, navy, black and purple silk. The mules and flat, both finished in Louboutin signature shiny, lacquered red soles.

Each shoe is embroidered in India and finished in Louboutin’s Parisian atelier. Best of all, customers are offered customization options, in which they can choose a design, based on the 12 astrological signs. In other words, you can buy a pair of personalized Louboutin shoe. The shoes all beautifully design and monogrammed with your date of birth and initials.

Fendi Unveils Restored Palace at The Heart of Rome

Fendi has unveiled its newly restored Palazzo Fendi in the heart of Rome. The Italian luxury brand store was restored to woo the richest shoppers of Europe as well as the wealthiest shopper’s across the world. The hotel which also stands as flagship store of Fendi’s offer more than just world class, fashionable products to their loyal and potential new customers but also an adventure of a lifetime.

Fendi is following the strategy of Louis Vuitton, another luxury brand in which they are making the wealthiest shoppers feel even more special by giving them exclusivity. The luxury brand industry is slowing down so it is becoming a challenge for luxury labels to stay on the top. Fendi is looking at Canada and Australia as potential new markets as China’s demand for luxury brands slowed down. They are tapping the online market, targeting Japan and several countries and looking to change the price policy for their products by charging online customers the same price as it does in shops. With Fendi’s tapping the online market and renovation of the palace, they hoped to keep the sales growth of the past years.

The renovation of Fendi palace also hoped to give the wealthiest shoppers more reasons to shop at their stores. The newly refurbished building that took about a year to renovate will include a seven-room hotel and restaurant. So, the building will not only house Fendi’s flagship store but also a “by invitation only” hotel complete with a first class rooftop restaurant.

The hotel’s interior beautifully decorated that anyone who set foot at the palace will wish the hotel is their home or they could stay longer at the shop. So, it is not surprising that the stairwell is magnificently designed. Fendi is a luxury brand, which is why the refurbished building is complete with a unique mix of craftsmanship and luxury materials.

In fact, in one of the seven luxury suites, there is marble shower and bathrooms with Jack and Jill sinks and tub. Everything about the building exudes luxury as Fendi no longer selling just products but also a sense of aesthetic. The Palazzo Fendi palace definitely changing the way people shop as the building setting perfect for new adventure.

The Future Luxury Bentley with A Holographic Butler

The British car maker Bentley is envisioning a future luxury vehicle with a hologram butler. The future luxury vehicle is going to be different from other luxury cars. Imagine a car with your man servant in tow to serve your needs wherever you go.

Bentley’s design team, headed by Director of Design Stefan Seielaff is working on the concept that the company thinks should be the future of luxury vehicle. Sielaff who has worked with Volkswagen and Audi interior design for decades and Mercedez-Benz for a short period has been with Bentley since 2015.

The “future luxury vehicle” features state of the art touch screen displays. The LED touch screen display is built into the panels of the luxury vehicle interior. Other design features include sofa-style seat in which the passenger seats faces each other. So, you can conduct a meeting at the comfort of the luxury vehicle.

The concept of virtual butlers is not only a possibility but also the future, according to Seilaff. Occupants will not just be talking to a concealed microphone but would be talking to a butler or a hologram.  The holographic butler would be playing a role similar to Siri’s, a built-in AI or intelligent assistant that speaks the natural language. There is no concrete plan on the Al’s capabilities and obligations, but definitely, it would be offering opinion and recommendation as well as give a human element to a self-driving vehicle. Some people are still wary of autonomous driving but with Bentley’s robot valet, it should ease some of the concern about self-driving brings vehicles. In fact, if the plan for holographic manservant works out and becomes the future, it will prove that Al is smart enough to drive you wherever you want to go.

Bentley’s holographic butler will provide a personalized experience and will set the future luxury machine apart from others, no doubt about it. The digital assistant will further distinguish Bentley vehicle from mass produced vehicles. The plan may seem eerily but it is what vehicles might look years from now and the British carmaker is making it possible.

Casio Hammer Tone Limited Edition G-Shock Watch


Casio will be releasing a limited edition G-Shock watch to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The new G-shock dubbed the “Hammer Tone” is in line with other high-end MR-G watches. These watches have as a feature the beautiful materials and durability that makes Casio a popular brand.

G-Shock line embodies the concept of “utility.”  Casio G-Shock watches has the features that paramedics, hikers, athletes and soldiers around the world want in a watch. Classic timepiece lovers looking for practicality and beauty uses G-Shock watches. And the new Casio limited edition G-Shock watches that will be released middle of this year is going to be a watch connoisseur favorite.
In case you are not familiar with this Japanese brand, Casio is well-known across the world. The Japanese watches known for its durability. The company’s high-end line combines two opposing concepts. The concepts of “luxurious” and “strong” are in line with the MR-G models. When combined it resulted in watches that are not just long lasting but also elegant.

This new Hammer Tone is one of those watches that have features that make them a cut above the rest. But, of course, even if the Japanese artisan Bihou Asano incorporates the tsuiki signature. You will still find the G-Shock features that make these watches heritage. Features like shock resistant, water resistant, and tough solar and GPS enabled. By the way, the signature tsuiki finish is an ancient method of decorating weapons and armor. The Japanese tsuiki method gives the Hammer Tone a special Oboro-gin finish. As for the buttons and screws, the Hammer Tone features a copper (Akagane) finish. The Akagane further make the timepiece even more beautiful and sophisticated.

This coming July, Casio is releasing the Hammer Tone. There will only be 300 pieces available as the watches produced to commemorate Casio G-Shock 20th anniversary. The priced is expected to be at $6,000 USD, more than the price of the Speedmaster. But, when you consider and understand what the Hammer Tone stands for, the price is just appropriate.

Hammer Tone watches is a cool product and worth the price. If you consider the timepiece features, you can bet that these watches will sell like hotcakes. There is no doubt that the G-Shock aficionados would snap up the watches as the timepiece durable to wear on daily basis. And elegant enough for someone who wants a beautiful and classy timepiece.

Apple Watch Hermes Bands Are Selling Separately

Are you one of the many people who bought Apple watch before the company announced their partnership with Hermes? Or you have fallen in love with Hermes Apple watch edition? Whether you own the Apple watch or the Hermes special edition, you can make your watch even more awesome.

French fashion house Hermes and Apple has recently unveiled four new straps colors for apple watches. The new band colors are now available for individual purchase at Hermes and outlets and Apple stores.  That is right! Apple is now allowing smartwatch users to buy Hermes bands separately.

Apple watch Hermes is a unique timepiece, designed with beauty and utility in mind. Buying a new Apple watch is no longer necessary when you just want Hermes leather straps. You can now buy Hermes handmade bands to change your straps and make your watch even more fashionable. In fact, if you love interchanging bands, you can now add more color to your watch accessories.

Hermes and Apple new luxury leather accessory are available in four different colors. The additional colors give users chance to choose a strap that suits their taste and mood. The interchangeable straps are available in sapphire blue, peacock blue, iconic orange, and white. The straps are not just for apple users as the fancy strap also great for another smartwatch.

The price of the Hermes standalone single bands starts at $340 for 38mm and 42mm. The single tour versions 42mm model are available in deer brown, sapphire blue, black and fire orange. And the 38mm version comes in peacock blue and white.  All the double tour design in 38mm sells for $490 for the long and regular straps. And for the sports cuff, the large 42mm design is going to cost $690 in limited deer brown shade.

Many users have already bought the new bands. Apple watches users can swap their old bands with the new Hermes bands to look more gorgeous. You can look even more fashionable without buying a new Apple watch. What you need to do is just buy Hermes newly released bands in selected Apple stores and Hermes outlets. They will be adding more color palette in the future to give users better option.

Aston Martin Reveals Its Luxury Miami Highrise

The Luxury carmaker Aston Martin has unveiled its first ever luxury highrise. Aston Martin first real estate projects were a 66-story residential tower in Miami. The high-end condominiums overlooking Biscayne Bay will be built on a 1.25-acre site which was purchased in 2014 for a record-breaking sale of $125 million.

The Aston Martin Residences was a joint project between the British luxury vehicle company and G and G Business Development, an Argentina’s company owned by the prominent Coto Family. The building will have two private lobbies with reception desks, a full-service spa, and a fitness center. Other amenities include an infinity pool, an art gallery, children’s room, micro-cinema, and an exclusive yacht marina.

The tower will have 390 condominiums and each one resonate the timeless luxury that the British brand is known for in the auto industry. This is because the creative team of the automaker will have a hand in design decision, from bathroom finishes and kitchen to the art on the walls.

The building located at Biscayne Boulevard Way offer panoramic views of the city, but the best part is that the building also defines and enhances the Miami skyline. So, it won’t be surprising that it is going to be a famous landmark. Plus! The building sail-shaped designed by Revuelta Architecture and Bodas Mian Anger is going to be stunning.

What’s more! The common areas interior will showcase the carmaker’s trademark colors, materials, and stitching style. There is no obvious car design as the plan is to subtlety incorporate the Aston Martin’s style but without overdoing it. But, they will put emphasis in fine materials and craftsmanship, such as artisan made handles, and leather door tabs to maintain the general philosophy of Aston Martin.

The residential tower will have seven penthouses and a duplex penthouse with private terraces and pool. The building regular apartment has variety range from one to four bedrooms. The Aston Martin residential tower is set to be completed by 2021. The groundbreaking is next summer and it will join the slew of current projects by branded luxury company in Miami’s downtown. In fact, The German car manufacturer Porsche is also building a tower in Sunny Isles Beach worth $560 million.


Icon Bay: The Most Sophisticated Waterfront Condominium in Miami

Icon Bay is a unique waterfront condominium perfectly located in the Downtown Biscayne Bay waterfront near the vibrant scene of Wynwood Arts District, Midtown and Miami Design District. Residents are just steps from a cultural, artistic and sophisticated environment where converge the finest galleries, studios, gourmet dining by Miami’s leading chefs including, Michelle Bernstein and Michael Schwartz, stylish lounges, and boutiques from the top names in design.

This magnificent residence has a spectacular undulating façade that perfectly fits the astonishing beachfront setting and is surrounded by the crystalline waters of Biscayne Bay, a luscious waterfront park and a sculpture garden. When you enter the building you are welcomed by friendly concierge staff on the grand elegant lobby, a glorious place that gives you a precise idea of what will come next. The interiors and common areas feature an outstanding urban design that creates a seamless indoor/outdoor feeling by blending nature with modern architecture.

Icon Bay is the perfect home for those who aim a sophisticated lifestyle, especially for families who can enjoy resort-style amenities for all ages including:

• Over 400 linear feet of stunning Biscayne Bay frontage
• Kids and teens lounge
• Lighted tennis courts professionally managed
• Waterfront deck featuring a serene infinity-edge pool and private cabanas
• Gourmet food emporium
• Residents coffee bar
• Clubroom with multimedia facilities
• Billiards and game room
• Exclusive privileges at the SLS BEACH CLUB in South Beach
• Waterfront fitness center and spa with top-of-the-line cardio equipment, weight training, sauna, steam rooms, personal trainers, planned yoga and Pilates classes.

The services are equally impressive, residents count with 24-hour concierge staff; storage area for recreational aquatic activity equipment, including windsurfing, paddle boarding and more; assigned parking in a controlled-access covered garage and 24-hour valet parking. The exclusive collection of waterfront residences at Icon Bay are delivered decorator ready and offer complete flow-through floor plans, floor to ceiling windows allowing endless views of Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach, private elevator access and entry foyers in every unit, spacious outdoor terraces, lofty 9-foot ceilings in typical floors and 11-foot ceilings in penthouse levels, gourmet European Kitchens and luxurious bathrooms with designer details.

Icon Bay have been brought to life thanks to two big names in the real estate industry; The Related Group, Florida’s leading developer of sophisticated metropolitan living and one of the country’s largest real estate conglomerates, and Arquitectonica, a renowned architectural firm based in Miami with offices around the globe, known as one of the pioneers of globalization in the architecture profession.

Now you know, if you are looking for a tropical private sanctuary in Miami, think no more and book a visit to Icon Bay, the epitome of bold architectural design and luxury living.

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