Villa Escudero’s Waterfall Restaurant Provides the Most Exotic Dining Experience

Overwater villas have become the favorite of luxury travelers. The concept is extended further with the creation of a waterfall restaurant. The Villa Escudero’s Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines is an extraordinary concept that provides an unmatched experience. We have seen underwater club and overwater restaurant but this is a first in the world and it is definitely a unique and a stunning experience. The Waterfall Restaurant serves local Philippines cuisine and the guests are seated in ankle deep water right in front of a waterfall. It is a new and unique experience that is difficult to recreate.

Authentic Local Cuisine is Served on Bamboo Dining Tables

You feel very close to nature. The lunch is served on long bamboo dining tables immersed in water. In fact it is flowing water that is coming from the waterfall. It is ideal for travelers who are interested in knowing the local traditions and food recipes. The Villa Escudero is located in the Quezon province of the Philippines and has created an exotic atmosphere even in its rooms. However it does not prepare you for the surprise of an ethnic restaurant so close to a waterfall. You can’t probably imagine a better dining experience. The food served is authentic local cuisine with all ingredients sourced locally.

Experience the Waterfall Restaurant

The dining experience at the Waterfall Restaurant is inspiring. The ambiance, the atmosphere and cuisine all combine to transport you to another world altogether. The water falling down towards long picnic like tables while you savor the popular local dishes is an experience you cannot forget in a hurry. A dining experience on a tree top or in a transparent shell underwater can also not match the stunning experience of the Waterfall Restaurant. The sound of the water falling, the spray of the water that you feel on your skin and the flowing water that washes your feet is an incredible setting and experience. The resort has used the location and the natural resources rather well and created an experience that is very difficult to recreate anywhere else.

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