Population: 9,234,209 people
Area: 449 964 km2
Capital: Stockholm
Official language: Swedish
Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)
National Day: June 6
Life expectancy: 80 years
EU member since 1995

Sweden is part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The territory stretches over a length of 1600 km and is composed of plateaus that descend from west to east from the Gulf of Bothnia Norwegian mountainous border. The landscape is dominated by vast natural areas, forests, swamps and lakes.

Population settled in the south, in the great plains of the country. They provide sufficient Sweden basic agricultural products.

Forest resources and subsoil rich in minerals (copper, iron, zinc) underlying the Swedish industrial development, provide 25% of the production of metal sulphide (containing sulfur) and metals (gold, silver) of Western Europe.
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