Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Vatican's Archives

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Vatican's Archives
For decades before the publication of Dan Brown's novels, conspiracy theorists were convinced that the Catholic Church held numerous Earth-shaking revelations within its secret archives. But what's really in there? Tune in to learn more.

The REAL Vatican Archives. Television footage behind the (closed) doors of one of the most mysterious places on earth. The Vatican Secret Archives. Television footage recorded at the occasion of the publication of the first illustrated book on the Vatican Secret Archives ever.
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treasures locked inside. Building on the success of The White House: Behind Closed Doors and Secret Access: Air Force One, this HISTORY special provides unique entry into one of the world's most elusive locations. See what is housed under the 110-acre site as an ongoing excavation of an ancient cemetery that the Vatican was built upon uncovers priceless artifacts, including the bones of St. Peter himself. Go inside the Vatican Secret Archives a collection of rooms and libraries containing some of history's priceless documents. And get to know Vatican security: the top-of-the-line procedures and practices utilized by a combination of Swiss Guards (elite guards to the Pope), Vatican police, and Italian police that keep the Pope and Vatican safe.
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