Soneva Kiri’s Restaurant Serves Diners in Dining Pod Perched on Trees

Soneva Kiri is the most luxurious hideaway on Thailand’s unspoilt and untamed island Koh Kood. The natural beauty of the resort is unmatched and the experience of staying in one of its 27 villas nestle among palm fringed hills around a secluded bay is simply exhilarating. However the most uplifting experience at the resort is to dine in a treetop dining pod. This is the world’s only restaurant where diners are seated in a bird’s nest. These giant wicker pods have been fixed on tree tops about 16 feet above the ground. The trees have been selected carefully so that it provides stunning views of the sea and the rain forest.

The Meals Are Expensive by Thai Standards

A meal for two served in the bird’s nest 16 feet above the ground expectedly very expensive. Guests have to pay 14,000 Baht which is equivalent to £283 and more significantly is about half a month’s wages of an average Thai worker. These dining pods are designed and created specially to resemble a nest. It is structure crafted out of wood that is covered with a meshing that looks like a bird nest. In addition the pod is shaded by a canopy to protect the guests from the searing sun. It is the highlight of Soneva Kiri, rather the entire Koh Kood island.

The Restaurant Has Taken Cuisine to New Heights

The tree top restaurant serves traditional Thai delicacies. The resort claims, and justifiably so that the tree-top chefs have taken ‘haute cuisine to new heights’. Several of the dishes are prepared with fish caught from the surrounding shores. The other ingredients used by the chef are also totally organic. The experience of dining at night on the tree top can truly be memorable. You can’t possibly match a dinner by starlight overlooking the midnight blue Gulf of Thailand. 

The restaurant has evolved a very innovative and interesting way of serving the diners on the tree tops. The waiters provide airborne service as they are harnessed to a zip-line and moves on a network of cables. There is a landing platform attached to each dining pod where the waiter lands and serves the guests. If you want to extend the exotic experience then the resort can arrange to have you dropped off on a deserted beach by a speed boat to enjoy a picnic.

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