Sighisoara | Romania

 Sighisoara, one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns and almost everyone’s favorite. Ancient tiny houses on narrow streets, cobblestoned passageways and every kind of Dracula souvenir imaginable – Dracula restaurants, wine bottles with Dracula’s name and face on them, Dracula teeth, capes, strands of garlic, and the Dracula Internet cafe.

Sighisoara, which Vlad Tepes (Vlad Dracul) called home, is one of the seven fortified Saxon cities in Transylvania. The “Saxons” originally came from the Moselle region of Germany. The Clock Tower (Council Tower), built in the 14th Century, is one of Sighisoara’s most famous and picturesque attractions. The clock has little wooden figures that appear at certain times. This was the control tower of the main gate and had 7-foot thick walls. It was used to store ammunition, food reserves and treasures.

Sighisoara Clock Tower (Council Tower)
Sighisoara was the first place that we saw other Western tourists. It is on everyone’s itinerary if you are going to Romania. Many excellent cafes, horse drawn carriages, music, souvenir shops…a real highlight and you must admit, Sighisoara looked exactly like a movie set…

Sighisoara square, courtesy of Romanian Tourist Bureau

old passageway courtesy of Romanian Tourist Bureau

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