Prince Harry, in his first visit to Romania

Prince Charles' youngest son has come to his first visit to Romania.

Rather than staying home for a traditional Easter with the family, it appears Prince Harry chose to fly out to Romania instead.

According to Mediafax, Harry stays at Count Kalnohy’s mansion in Miclosoara, Covasna County, a place that was visited by Prince Charles several times. The Prince arrived to Romania as of Friday, flew to Targu Mures on a low cost flight.

According to the Transylvania Airport managers, Prince Harry came by a Wizz Air flight. The 27 year old is the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and third in the line of successors to the UK throne.

According to local sources, the Prince is in a private visit and lives with Count Kalnoky Tibor in Miclisoara.
The mansion was built in the 17th century and was renovated by Kalnoky family descendants, it is surrounded by a British garden facing the lake and the bastion, closed balcony have preserved the Renaissance style. The Count has bought in Miclosoara several old houses which he renovated and decorated in rustic style.

The Kalnoky is one of the historical families of Transylvania, it was first mentioned in documents in eastern Transylvania in 1252. Count Kalnoky and his wife last year participated in the royal wedding in Buckingham.

The younger son of Prince Charles spent Catholic Easter in Romania, in a simple vacation in which he enjoyed the Romanian scenery and food. He slept on a straw mattress and drank Romanian ‘palinca'. His arrival in Romania, on the Targu Mures airport would have gone by unnoticed if protocol hadn’t forced officials to lead the prince to the VIP room. Passengers found out only later on that they had traveled together with one of the British Crown princes.

On Sunday night, Harry slept in one of his houses of his father in Valea Zalanului. He got there around 10 pm accompanied by some friends. The house has traditional furniture so the prince slept on a wooden bed and a straw mattress. On Easter day, the prince ate traditional Romanian dishes and drank palinca.

As this was an unofficial visit, the 27-year-old prince tried to stay as far away from the media as possible and tried to take advantage of his stay at Miclosoara, with the family of County Kalnoky Tibor.

The prince, who said he was impressed by the scenery surrounding the Kalnoky mansion, left Romania yesterday. On his last day in Romania, a special banquet was organized in his honor, also attended by local authorities.

 Prince Harry, has reportedly spent Easter weekend with Count Tibor Kalnoky, right, and friends in Transylvania, where Prince Charles owns several properties.

 Harry spent the weekend in the picturesque village of Miclosoara and it was his first visit to Transylvania

 The Prince stayed at the count's 16th century manor, according to local media 

It would have been Harry’s first visit to the Eastern European country, where his father owns several properties.

 photo credits: AFP Nelson Almeida

It has been claimed that Britain’s Royal Family can be traced to Vlad the Impaler, the real-life ruler who inspired Transylvania’s Count Dracula vampire legend.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Harry was spending the weekend privately with friends but would not comment further.

Count Kalnoky, 45, is an aristocrat known for his impeccable manners and ability to speak five languages.
Kalnoky and his wife were among the guests at the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton in April last year.
His family pedigree dates back to the 12th century, and his great uncle Gustav was prime minister of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
Prince Charles bought two guesthouses in the Romanian villages of Viscri and Zalanpatak, which are maintained by the Count.
The Zalanpatak house, purchased in 2008, was refurbished by the Count as a ‘a home to relax in’ for the Prince - to be used as a guesthouse when he is away.

The farmhouse in Viscri, Transylvania, that Charles bought in 2006 and turned into a guesthouse - It has been claimed that Britain’s Royal Family can be traced to Vlad the Impaler, the real-life ruler who inspired Count Dracula vampire legend.

Wolves, lynxes and several brown bears forage for food in his 37-acre grounds and the surrounding wilderness.

Charles is also involved in organic agriculture projects in Transylvania and has visited Romania about a dozen times over the past few years.

Traditional farming and building techniques used in the area are said to have inspired his plans for Poundbury, the Dorset village created by his Duchy of Cornwall.

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