Population: 4,805,437 people
Area: 386 958 km2
Capital: Oslo
Official language: Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian krone (NDK)
National Day: May 17 Life expectancy: 79 years

Located on the western border of Scandinavia, Norway is a country mostly mountainous and forested, which runs from north to south over a stretch of 1750 km. Her long coast is cut by numerous ancient glacial valleys called fjords. Nature reigns here, and the population is concentrated in the south-west. Tame Norwegian maritime influence climate and brings many precipitation of Norway advantage to produce hydroelectricity. Naturally oriented towards the sea, the country possesses waters are among the richest in the world over. It's important fisheries nation and its fleet ranks third place worldwide, the number of vessels.

Norway has also great forest, as oil and gas in the North Sea, which is half of Norwegian exports.

Territory have little culture, but they are very well structured.

These economic resources associated with a country's social model offers a standard of living among the highest in the world.
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