New Romanian cultural and historical "jewelry" at UNESCO

Roman cities on the Lower Danube, historic center of Sibiu (which includes targets with a length of nearly half a millennium and more dozens of buildings and historical monuments) and all Brancusi in Targu-Jiu is priorities monuments to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which would induce a tremendous boost in tourism development and other major cultural projects. Puiu Haşotti minister said earlier this week that any listing of Rosia Montana is not under discussion at this time.

Minister of Culture and National Heritage held, Monday, Oct. 29, a press conference, an opportunity made ​​known ministry priorities and presented several legislative initiatives in culture that currently preparing. At a press conference attended Haşotti Puiu, Minister of Culture, Sergiu Nistor, Secretary of State for Culture, and Daniela Mihai Romania focal point for UNESCO Commission engaged the National Heritage Institute (INP) and personal adviser to the Minister of Culture.

Currently, the UNESCO World Heritage List, Romania Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve set with (written in 1991), all the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania (1993, 1999), Horezu Monastery (1993), the churches of northern Moldavia (1993), Dacian fortresses from Drastic (1999), Maramures wooden churches (1999) and the historical center of Sighisoara (1999).

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