Lesson of faith in Mecca

Senad Hadzic is Muslim and lives in Bosnia. Aims, of the 47 years old, to walk a distance of not less than 5,700 kilometers from his hometown to the Saudi city, Mecca. The pilgrimage. And he succeeded!

Pilgrimage to Mecca, the holy city for Islam, it is obligatory for Muslims, at least once, in life. Every year, millions of faithful come here in the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.
Bosnian left his city Banovici in northern Bosnia, in December 2011, the journey lasting 314 days. A cross Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Jordan to reach Muslim holy city in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

He faced extreme temperatures from -35 degrees Celsius in Bulgaria, to 44 degrees in Jordan, passed through ground war zone, passed through dangers and days if no end and despite all obstacles, was able to walk, on average, 20-30 km daily walk. To see his dream come true, strengthened by their faith. Story toured television, viewers saw were great, they even have their ... ready.

Even if he has another religion, is respect for the holy will. May be on a lesson for many. For those who run the terraces or a cigarette with friends neînvredicindu us to do two steps to the church on the corner. We promotions rather crowded at times hypermarket who knows whose relics to charity, Hames, without a hint of sacrifice and prayer disrespectful, naked fit. Maybe it would not hurt to get some more attention to gestures of others ...

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