Leather Link Hammock Designed by Jim Zivic Carries a Price Tag of $42,000

A simple piece of furniture or accessory can be turned into a luxurious item with the use of superior material and by incorporation innovative design elements.

  Jim Zivic, the Ohio born and brought up designer has designed and produced a collection of furnishings that attracts attention because of the use of unusual materials. However, the highlight of the collection is a hammock which is called the Leather Link Hammock and carries a price tag of $42,000. You have to pay a premium for the designer’s creative inputs and the best materials available.

The Collection Showcased in Ralph Pucci Showroom in LA

Jim Zivic describes his collection as ‘industrial luxe’. He calls it that because of the materials he has used. He has extensively used materials like steel, leather, coal and aluminum. The collection is aimed at the elite who love luxury and are willing to pay for it. He has tied up with Ralph Pucci and his collection will be showcased in the Ralph Pucci showroom in Los Angeles. 

It will be a sort of exhibition cum sale which will start on September 19th. Jim has designed chairs, tables and various accessories for the collection but the Leather link Hammock is expected to be the center of attraction. Despite its high price tag it is sure to attract admirers and buyers.

Leather Link Hammock Leather Link Hammock Designed by Jim Zivic Carries a Price Tag of $42,000

The 6 Feet Long Hammock Available in Two Width Sizes

Several designers have tried their hand on giving the hammock a design makeover. We have had several designer hammocks that were not just opulent but exclusive and luxurious. Trinity Hammock and the Dedon Swingrest were highly appreciated for their design, The Petiole Hammock had even won an award for its design. 

The Leather Link Hammock is made with a steel frame which has leather link sling and metal mesh. Its head and footboards have also been lavishly upholstered. The luxurious hammock comes with shearling pillows and suede cushions. The hammock is 6 feet long but is available in two width size of 3 and 4 feet. The designer hammock is suitable for both outdoor and interior installation. It is not just fun to use but also adds to the overall décor of your home.

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